Engineering office LS LabSolutions

Your competent consultant in the field of mechanical testing and calibration

Test-Consulting – Calibration – Calculation of Measurement Uncertainty – Accreditation – Prototype Development

Our engineering office is happy to support you with its knowledge and experience to operate your test or calibration laboratory effectively and reliably.

We have acquired our expertise in the past years as software, test, tech support, development engineer, service manager, trainer and calibration laboratory manager in the field of mechanical testing.

We are not only able to provide you with expert advice from the technical side, we are also able to support you in setting up and operating a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of DIN EN ISO/IEC 17 025 and DIN EN ISO 9001.

If you are considering accreditation or certification, we can also assist you in creating and checking the necessary system documentation.

If you have special hardware and software requirements for your measurement and testing applications and you are unable to find the appropriate product on the existing market, we can offer you the right solution from the layout and manufacturing of the printed circuit board to the programming of the software.

Visualization of the noise of a measuring amplifier output